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Floppy and Gucci

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  Floppy and Gucci are a couple.  A couple of what, you ask?!  Well they care about each other, and they care about you.  They care about other cats that have Cerebral Hypoplosia, which is a condition that they are born with, which makes them so they can't walk.  They fall over when they get up because the balance is off in their brain.  Instead they scoot from place to place or hop or claw themselves to where they want to go.  Floppy has learned to flop from one side to the other to gain great distance in where she wants to go.  

  Both cats have learned to utilize their talents to lead a rewarding and fulfilling life.  You can read about their stories here.

  You can write them and tell them how wonderful they are doing!  You can tell them that they are a star!!! 
  If they made you smile, you can tell them so!  If you have any questions that you would like to ask them do so, they will be happy to answer you. 
  Floppy and Gucci hope that you have a very good day!!!!

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